Dreher High School, Columbia, South Carolina

Save the date! October 21, 2023


This year, the Carolinas' oldest FIRST Robotics Competition off-season event makes it an even dozen!

Teams 1293 (Pandamaniacs) and 2815 (Blue Devil Mechanics) invite you to join us for the eleventh annual South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops!  SCRIW is a one-day competition, and one of your final opportunities to play CHARGED UP presented by Haas on an official competition field.  Teams come from hours away to introduce their new students to the FIRST experience, try out new robot upgrades, learn new things, and have some more fun with their robots!

(Oh, and the mentor match at the end for charity will be back this year.)

Pricing for SCRIW XII

Pricing for SCRIW XII is still being confirmed--below is what we had for SCRIW XI in 2022.

We have worked hard to hold the line on pricing for teams to keep SCRIW accessible.

Standard team entry is $400, if payment is postmarked by October 1, 2022.  The entry fee will be $500 for checks postmarked after this date, or for payment received on the day of the event.  Please pay early--we have some big checks to cut to pay for the field!

B-team entries--teams fielding a second robot--will be $250.  We will not confirm or invoice B-teams until August 1, to ensure teams have adequate opportunity to enter their robot.  It's never been an issue through nine editions of SCRIW, but these are unique times.

2023 rookie teams competing with a separate robot compete at no charge.

Get registered!

Registration for SCRIW XII is open soon!




The Venue

SCRIW returns to Dreher High School, which has played host to the past five editions of SCRIW.  It offers ample courtyard space for fresh air and a roomy gym for the competition.