October 23, 2021


Dreher High School, Columbia, South Carolina

The Carolinas' oldest FIRST Robotics Competition off-season (finally!) celebrates a decade of inspiration!

After over a year of waiting, FIRST Robotics Competition teams 1293 (The Pandamaniacs from Lexington/Richland School District Five) and 2815 (Blue Devil Mechanics from Dreher High School) are thrilled to announce details on the tenth South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops!

SCRIW X will be held on October 23, 2021, at Dreher High School in Columbia, South Carolina. We will hold a one-day competition with the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition game, INFINITE RECHARGE, on an official competition field with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from us. We will also be holding quite possibly our finest series of workshops yet, with expert insight to help teams find the next level.

Let's address the elephant in the room...

SCRIW is being held in a public school gymnasium. As such, we are bound by the policies of Richland School District One no matter whether we think they are too restrictive or too loose. We will be maintaining our event guidelines in this document, and will update teams if the guidelines change as we get closer to the event.

Please, please, please get vaccinated if you can.

Pricing for SCRIW X

We have worked hard to hold the line on pricing for teams to keep SCRIW accessible. After reviewing our expected costs for 2021, we have arrived at the following price structure.

Standard team entry is $400, if payment is postmarked by Friday, October 15, 2021. The entry fee will be $500 for checks postmarked after this date, or for payment received on the day of the event. Please pay early.

B-team entries--teams fielding a second robot--will be $250. We will not confirm or invoice B-teams until September 1, to ensure teams have adequate opportunity to enter their robot. It's never been an issue through nine editions of SCRIW, but these are unique times.

2022 rookie teams competing with a separate robot compete at no charge.

Get registered!

Registration for SCRIW X is open now! You can register your team here, and we'll send you an invoice.

The Venue

SCRIW returns to Dreher High School, which has played host to the past five editions of SCRIW. It offers ample courtyard space for fresh air and a roomy gym for the competition.