We know there will be a lot of questions from SCRIW newcomers and veteran teams alike.  We've compiled what (we think) are the most common questions below; contact us if you have any other questions.

How much is registration?

Registration for SCRIW is just $400 for FRC teams if you register and pay by October 1. After that, the fee is still just $500.  If you've got an older robot that still runs, you can enter that one as well for a pre-rookie team or for a B-team.  Pre-rookie teams compete for free with your entry, while B-teams compete for $250 with your regular entry.  B-team registration opens September 1 as space permits, but you can let us know early.

Pre-rookies? B-teams? What's the difference?

A pre-rookie team is a team of students whose school or organization is new to FRC (e.g. they intend to register as rookies for the 2024 season).  A B-team would be comprised of members of your own team (e.g. your freshmen you want to give driving experience to).  We rely on your gracious professionalism to know the difference.

What's this about a mentor match?

During the event, we'll place fundraising buckets at each pit to raise money for a worthy cause (to be announced closer to the event).  We'll collect and count up the money late in the qualification rounds.  The six teams who have contributed the most will participate in a special one-off match after finals where the mentors drive the robots instead of the students.  SCRIW is almost always the final competitive event in the area for the old robots before teams build new ones in the winter, so it's a low-risk chance to send off the old season with a bang and raise some money for a great cause.

Teams will sort themselves into alliances for the match.  Student drive coaches are not just allowed, but are probably necessary.

What should I bring the day of?

For FRC teams, we suggest:

When should I get there?

Pits open at 8:00 AM. We generate the match schedule based on teams that are checked in by 9:40 AM.  And no, we won't regenerate the match schedule.

What's the traffic pattern?

As with many projects, we aim for improvement.  We will post the official traffic pattern in September.

What is an off-season competition?

Off-season competitions are a chance for teams to have a little bit more fun with their robots, to train new students, and bring in members of their communities to see what they do.  The first off-season competitions were held in the late 1990s with the Rumble at the Rock competitions in Massachusetts; over the years, the concept has grown across the country.

Do we have to build a new robot?

No, you don't; you compete with your 2023 robot.  We'll also spot you five pounds on the weight limit (meaning 130 pounds without bumpers and battery) to allow you to make your robot more robust.

Is there inspection at the event?

We reserve the right to inspect robots, but we haven't had to in eleven editions of SCRIW.

Do we have to bag and tag our robot?

C'mon, the bag is dead!

Are we playing the same game?

We will be playing the 2023 game, CHARGED UP presented by Haas.  We reserve the right to adjust rules, but we tend to keep it pretty faithful to the original concept.

What's the refund policy?

We are not able to issue refunds on registrations once they are paid, unless the event is canceled.

Do the second FRC robots need to meet all the rules?

Yes and no.  We're pretty flexible with many things, but we'll be looking for a few important things:

When can we register for SCRIW?

Registration is open now!